The Story Behind HandFingerFootPrint Designs

Every pic tells a story

The idea for HFFP Designs came from renovating my son’s bedroom. Like many five year old children, he knows what he wants and wants it right now! It was therefore felt sensible to involve him in how his bedroom should look right from the start. Whilst looking for ideas of things my son may like in his new bedroom, someone suggested painting a tree directly onto the wall and allowing him to decorate the tree with his own hand prints, in the colours of his choice.

This idea was put to him, but he wasn’t thrilled about participating in an art project his mother was enthusiastic about. That would just be way too uncool, apparently. (I was honestly very much looking forward to playing the role of a major embarrassment parent during his teenage years, but had not expected said role to be in force so early on in my son’s life!).

He did however, advise that he should like some paintings on his wall. I started playing with a few ideas that may meet my son’s approval when I came across a few of his hand prints from paintings he had done during his nursery years; he would have been approximately two and a half years old at the time. I thought back to the tree and hand print suggestion and the image above started taking shape.

The hand print tree did indeed gain approval, and not just from my son. I created a few different images for friends using prints from their children. It was from there that the concept of a business idea evolved.

I have always had an interest in art and love illustrating. Incorporating hand, finger or foot prints into my designs gives my artwork a unique little twist, creating personalised and individual illustrations.


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