Sunset Tree on Canvas

Following on from yesterday’s sunset theme, today I’m adding a tree to a sunset background. I’ve used a different canvas for this painting, just for the sake of demonstrating the process from start to finish.

I find it easiest, when using my finger prints for painting, to squeeze the paint from the tube directly on to the canvas for the background layer. I already have an idea of how much I may need to use but if I’m wrong, then it’s easy enough to squeeze a little more paint onto the area of the canvas wherever required!
I’ve used a few different shades of red, orange, blue, white, burnt umber and yellow acrylic paint for this painting and dab my fingertips to move and blend the paint all over the canvas. Keep going until the canvas is completely covered in paint and you are happy with the shades and blends.
Once the first layer had dried (you don’t need to wait too long when using acrylic paint), I made a start with the tree trunk, using a very dark brown.
Inspired by African art, I want my tree to appear almost shadow like. Otherwise, there are no rules, the trunk can be as thick or as thin as you want your tree to be.
Moving up from the trunk, add branches and leaves using the tip of your finger and keep going until you are happy with how the tree appears.

I’ve added a lighter brown, with a hint of orange for the ground and then dabbed a little gold acrylic paint here and there on the leaves.

Have fun creating your own masterpiece!


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