Golden Sunset Painting on canvas

I’ve been informed by one of my harshest critics that this is possibly the best painting I’ve ever done. Whether that is true or not, I couldn’t say, but I can tell you that it was very easy to create my golden sunset.

Here’s how:

I begin by splodging the paint directly onto the canvas. I’ve used yellow and white for the sun, orange, red, blue and green, with touches of white acrylic paint in between each colour.
I started with the sun area, dabbing my finger tips in a clockwise circular motion with the aim of creating an oval shape. I continued in this vein until the whole canvas was covered.

Carry on dabbing with your finger tips until you are satisfied with the blend of colours.
Acrylic paint tends to dry rather quickly, and by the time I’d finished and was happy with my blend of colours, the moment for adding a second layer of paint was opportune. I’ve named the painting Golden Sunset, so unsurprisingly, I’ve used gold acrylic paint.
I added the gold paint (you don’t need much) directly to the canvas and dabbed away with my finger tips.
I hope you enjoy creating your own golden sunsets!

This particular canvas will be made available to purchase via my Etsy site. Further information will follow soon.


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