Daily Sketch: Dandelions

Create Dandelions

Creating wall art doesn’t need to be complicated, everything you need to create this picture is pretty much at your finger tips!
You will need:
⦁ a plain sheet of paper. I used black paper as this helps create an outer shadow, making the dandelions appear a little more three dimensional
⦁ a paintbrush and some paints. I used ombre, green, yellow and white acrylic paints.
1. Start by painting the dandelion stalks. Don’t worry about perfect or straight lines too much, the stalks are not the focal point of the painting. I’ve painted in three stalks using ochre, green and yellow acrylic paint.
2. Paint lines around the top of the stalk to create guidelines for the circular dandelion. Again, these lines really do not need to be perfect in length or width, they will not be particularly noticable. Some of the lines I have made give the stalks a kind of palm tree appearance.

3. Now you are ready for the fun part. Dip your finger tip into the white pain and begin dabbing the paper, creating the dandelion circle. Some of the finger print blobs have more paint than others. This is exactly the look you should be aiming for, as it will give the flower a more textured look.

4. Once the dandelions are done, your picture may look nice with a background. I have used green and white acrylic paint, dabbing my index finger tip into green paint and my middle finger tip into white paint. Just dab away at the paper until the whole background has been completely covered. You will find that the white and green paints blend nicely using both finger tips.

5. If you think your dandelions need more texture add more white finger print dabs to the dandelions, and then you’re done!
I added a few more white finger print dabs to the background area to create an illusion of dandelion seeds being blown in the wind for a little extra effect.



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